The ’Verses

Intro Summary

Our own world – even our own universe – is only one of many. Separated from us by the thinnest of veils, an infinity of parallel worlds exists alongside us. One universe in particular, called the Nexus, has a special feature: it is the closest world to every other. As a result, a wide variety of beings can be found there, from humans who look like us to sentient machines to flying squids. And they exist there peacefully, for the most part – except for one particular group of beings. They go by many names in the multiverse, but the common one for them in the Nexus is The Others. These insect-like beings see conscious life as an abomination, and wish to eradicate it from existence. And so they or their agents go from world to world, destroying and ending life.

But against this threat stands the Guardians of the Many Worlds. The Guardians exist to keep peace and harmony between parallel worlds, and to prevent things like inter-universe war; in particular, they try to stop the Others whenever they can. But the Guardians are getting old, and worn-out; the Shrine of Destiny hasn’t been sending them as many new recruits. Meanwhile, worlds like The One Reich and Roma Universalis have become increasingly aggressive in extending their reigns over other worlds, and the Others themselves are getting craftier and bolder, and have come up with new ways to threaten all life in the multiverse.

It’s not a pretty picture. But that’s…

The ’Verses!

The 'Verses